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The Riverdale Share Concert

The Riverdale Share Concert is a diverse holiday celebration held every December in Toronto’s vibrant Riverdale neighbourhood.

Riverdale Share has been gathering the community together to celebrate its unique spirit of giving since 1991. Local community volunteers, performers and businesses work together in the production of this seasonal extravaganza to raise funds and food for local charities.

Dozens of community organizations have benefited from the hundreds of thousands of dollars and truckloads of food raised over the years.

The Riverdale Share Community Association

The Riverdale Share Community Association (RSCA) reaches out into the community and engages the support of accomplished performers, volunteers and businesses to support local, grassroots charities.  RSCA is a registered non-profit, volunteer-driven organization with a three-fold mandate:

  1. To work with all sectors of the Riverdale neighborhood in the production of a large, annual, community celebration.
  2. To raise awareness of charitable organizations who are in need and to provide support as a caring neighborhood.
  3. To inspire our youth to give back to their communities and to offer opportunities for young aspiring artists.

The Riverdale Share Concert is a production of the Riverdale Share Community Association 

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