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Riverdale Share Community Association
Grant Information

Next grant deadline is March 31, 2024

Grant Proposal Guidelines

Grant Proposals are to be developed and written in accordance with these guidelines and MUST contain the following:

One-page cover letter on the organization’s letterhead requesting funding, including the organization’s mission statement and charitable registration number. (Please note that RSCA may only issue grants to organizations with charitable tax status). The letter must be signed by the Executive Director (or equivalent) or an authorized officer of the Board of Directors and indicating the name and phone number of the contact. Please attach e-mail address and website if applicable.

A narrative of no more than two typed pages (no smaller than 12-point type), including the information requested below:

1. Project or program summary should include, where relevant:

* goals, objectives, and scope
* need for the project or program in the community
* if a time framed project, start and end dates of the project (grants are awarded in the spring of each year)
* who will benefit from this project or program
* expected results

2. Specific amount requested ($5,000 maximum request) from RSCA and the specific intended use of funds.

3. Information on recent grants received by the organization, pending proposals for other funds, and plans for additional funding for this project or program.

4. Plans for continuation of the project or program following the grant period.

5. Registered Charitable Tax number.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Please do not use binders of any kind and do not send facsimile copies or any supporting documentation i.e. Letters of Support, unless requested by Riverdale Share Community Association.

Grant Term
Grants are exclusively made for a one-year period. Riverdale Share Community Association (RSCA) will consider a maximum of two proposals from one organization within a twelve-month period, but only for separate and different projects or programs within the organization’s mandate.
Grant requests are considered up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for each proposal.

Grant Criteria
In order to make the best use of available funds, programs and projects that address families and individuals in need and are community-oriented will receive the highest priority. Organizations must have registered Charitable status.

Riverdale Catchment Area
Organizations must be located within the following area: The Don River to the west; Coxwell Avenue to the east; Lake Ontario to the south; and O’Connor Avenue to the north.
The program or project must directly benefit residents and/or participants within the above catchment area.

Evidence of the following will be used to assess the merit of proposals:
Impact: Project and programs that serve the community and assist people not being adequately served by existing resources.
Innovation: Pilot projects providing practical approaches for dealing with specific community problems.
Management: Applications are evaluated for management capacity, taking into consideration staff qualification, composition of the governing Board of Directors, capacity for project or program delivery, and accountability of financial operations.
Non-Duplication: Proposals that do not duplicate existing services or programs, or that are able to clearly demonstrate need for duplication.

Deadlines, Copies and Submissions

Submit full proposal by email to or mail a hard copy to: 12 Wolfrey Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1K8

Proposals are due on or before March 31, 2024

2023 Funds: Grant applications for programs and projects that address families and individuals in need and are community-oriented will be accepted until March 31, 2024. Grants will be awarded in June 2024.