A production of the Riverdale Share Community Association in partnership with the Ralph Thornton Community Organization.

Becoming a Friend

With the unwavering support of our friends, Riverdale Share has been gathering the community together to celebrate its unique spirit of giving for over two decades. Dozens of local charities have benefitted from the hundreds of thousands of dollars and truckloads of food raised over the years.

As a friend, your name will be listed on the back of the t-shirt worn by our performers and volunteers, the program book and on our website under your choice of category.  You will also receive a t-shirt, program and a thank you certificate.





Please Email us indicating your level of support, the name you would like used and whether you require a charitable tax receipt and we’ll send you an invoice.

We hope that we can count on your continued involvement again this year.

Together we make a difference!

Email us to become a Friend!